Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Time

"A Dog's Life," (I was at a red light couldn't resist taking this pic.)

 Summer-time is for fried green tomatoes.....(Yes I am from "Sweet Home Alabama.")

 My Belarus child helping me cook dinner who learned how to fry and who loves fried green tomatoes!

Summer time is for Best Friends........(BFF's)

 Summer-time is for hard  good-byes........(sisters that hug the hard!)

     When asked what she will miss the most?  "Hot Showers, and my own bed to sleep in."
I asked her when she would be able to take a shower again?  "Next summer when I get to your house!"
When asked where her bed is? "The broken down couch or a chair that she shares with her sister!"
     Summer time is hard goodbyes that we have endured now for 5 years. Can't wait to hear her voice on the other end of the phone to let us know she has arrived the safe.......she is turning the 13 this year in Jan. and when asked what she wanted for her 13 birthday she said an I-pod with American music like her sisters!

May all your weekend wanderings be one of the gratitude for the many blessings that we have;
such gratefulness to God:

a bed to sleep in
clean sheets
flip flops all over the back steps
finding a card written in Russian
Full suit-cases to send home with her
Coffee for her mom
 the chance to tell her that she has been chosen by God (she is the daughter of the most high King)
sisters who love
wet bathing suits on the floor
clogged toilets
mascara on white towels
 husband who drives the lab half way to Florida for Nana to keep while we travel this week
 tomato plants growing in the back yard
 water out of a hose
 teens who laugh the hard
 God who is calling his people
 phone calls that are an emergency that you can wake one of the "Yahweh Sisters," from a dead sleep to ask a sewing question! lol
sea shells drying in the sun
cat hair
the lab that I miss the hard already
a mom (Nana) who drives the long to take the lab that means the world to us so we can travel
toe nail polish all over the bed-skirt in teens room
glitter that I continue to find in bags, on the walls, the floor, and in small boxes?
dirty clothes under the beds

all of grace,
The Yahweh Sisters