Monday, August 1, 2011

times to be thankful for

As July creeps on by reflection is the way to ease the rush of August....seeing God's Glory in so many moments.

     Watching and listening........summertime is family gatherings with messy grace unraveling with joy.
How beautiful moments are turning into everlasting memories.  The teens who have turned into "dream catchers."

Seeing His grace,
Friendships that make you belly laugh
Girls piercing each others' ears
5 year old playing baseball in the yard
Teenagers going after God with all they have
Overflowing with love
Trying to not be so judgmental
Weekends at the cabin with in-laws
Frizzy hair days
Clothes all over the bedroom floor
Swim meets ending
Blankets to snuggle up with
A bible that falls open to just the right chapter
Journal readings of past times
A cool day after all of the summer heats
Clouds that bring rain
Toe nail polish
Showers to refresh and cleanse us
Husbands that work hard all day
And dinners around a dining room table sharing" target="_blank">" >