Friday, March 4, 2011

Alabaster Jar................

What aroma feels your home? Your life?

Then Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus' feet and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume....
John 12:3.

As I studied this scripture today; I found myself being a bit sad that I don't feel this love for Jesus like Mary did! I want that. I want to give him everything!

(Pure Nard - was a fragrant oil prepared from the roots and stems of an aromatic herb from Northern India.) It was an expensive perfume, imported in sealed alabaster boxes or flasks which were opened only on special occasions.
A pint expressed her LOVE and THANKS to Jesus for himself and restoring Lazarus to life.
Back then Nard was used to anoint Kings.
This was such an expensive imported item that carried such valve that people even used it for investment purposes. Like we use Gold today.

This verse makes me think that Mary in some way wanted to let Jesus know how thankful she was for his Grace and Mercy that he had raised her brother to life even when she had doubt. And she wanted to show him how much she loved him.
Can you picture the scene:
Mary walks in carrying the most valved thing she owned her alabaster jar; its estimated valve was as much as a year's salary possibly equal to Mary's entire life savings. The perfume would only increase in valve the older it got. The room was full of honored guests, Lazarus, Simon, and Jesus' twelve disciples, plus other special guests which were all men. Martha would be the only other woman in the room. It would have took courage to walk into that room full of men who were very important and to walk over where Jesus was and to break open her alabaster jar; and to pour it over Jesus' feet. Meanwhile all the men must have stopped eating and watched. As she was pouring it over Jesus' feet can you just imagine her tears began to fall as she poured out her future, her hope, her financial security, her status in society, her reputation, her pride , her self. By breaking her most valved possession and pouring on to Jesus' feet she gave him her everything, holding nothing back and expecting nothing in return. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume..
The entire home and many others were blessed because of her sacrificial act of worship.
Ask yourself this week "WHAT IS YOUR MOST VALVED POSSESSION?" What is your alabaster jar?
Is it your children?
Is it your job?
Is it your desire for a career?
Is it your future?
Your reputation?
Would you be willing to break your alabaster jar and pour it out over Jesus' feet?
Does he mean that much to you?
Pour it out!! Pour it out!!
Pour out your pride and be the first to say your sorry.
Pour out your reputation and stand up for Christ.
Pour out your future and surrender your goals and dreams to Jesus.
Ask yourself this week; What fragrance is your home full of ?

Oh Father thank you for showing me today that the aroma in my house is one of selfishness. Thank you for showing me that I can fill my home with the fragrance of love for you God. Help us Father to break our alabaster jar and pour it over your feet. Help us to let go and surrender to you Father; our future , our dreams, and our reputations. We are willing Father. Help us. We praise you in your precious name Jesus. Amen...

Trying to break my alabaster jar,