Monday, January 10, 2011

Peace at home

A wise friend, Robbie, told me that a "MOM" controls the atmosphere of the house. This is so true. When I am all to pieces, my family is all to pieces. We have three boys. For Christmas we got our eleven year old a "puppy". Well oh course he is cute, BUT a lot of work. He is like a new baby- goes to the bathroom every hour. Well one day in particular,  I was at work- I received several phone calls from my husband about how much work the puppy was, and that he had went to the bathroom several times in the house- yuck!!! I couldn't wait to get home.HA HA .  It is funny, when I'm home, the puppy doesn't have accidents, but that is another story. Also this one day in particular, the boys were destroying the house. I rushed home, pulled my car into the garage and was trying to mentally get ready to meet every one's needs. Well I didn't pull my car far enough into the garage- the garage door came down on my car, usually goes back up when it meets resistance, but didn't this time. The door caught a hold of my expedition and tore the garage door opener completely off the door. So instead of me creating peace in my house that night, I added to the chaos.  My husband was DONE. Instead of praying through it, I told my husband to put the dog on eBay to sell, the kids too if that was possible. I was DONE too. So instead of creating a peaceful night, I went to bed. The next day I left for work and had to manually shut the garage door, I ended  up shutting my finger in the door and cried all the way to work. Later that day I talked to Robbie, she laughed and again told me that I could, with God's help, change the atmosphere of my house. I tried it, and it worked. I loved on the puppy, and my family. I lit candles, fixed dinner, and most of all- bit my tongue. I kept my mouth shut, Girls- this is war. We have to put on our armor before we get up in the morning- the armor of God. Read our bible and pray. God did not promise that life would be easy, but that he would not leave us.
So today, try to remain calm. Pray for Peace. Trust and Love God. We will make it to the finish line. One way or the other. We maybe crawling, but we'll make it.
Love in Christ.