Thursday, July 28, 2011


This is the woman God himself has used to change my life. He is so amazing because I was able to meet her last weekend and tell her personally what He had done through her that changed my life!
    After tears and hugs A friend snapped this picture that I will keep forever.  I can truly say that I have met someone who is walking the walk instead of just talking about it. What an inspiration to me and others. Visit her blog if you get a chance....your life will never be the same. ( )
      In "Oswald Chambers," Devotion Book he talked about God sometimes uses others who are a little further along in their walk to help us......and how He will continue using them until we WILLINGLY SUBMIT!  It is then that our whole ATTITUDE of our life becomes one of OBEDIENCE to Him!
God will NEVER insist on obedience, but when we truly see Him we will instantly OBEY Him.
 I can honestly say I have truly seen Him when I look into Ann's eyes and read her heart that she lays out raw for the world to read........ it makes me want to be obedient.  Praise God for people who seek Him with all of their hearts and have found Him............they are not perfect or better just a little further along and they are being used by God to help us want what they have.
      Just as Jesus the "SON," was obedient as our "REDEEMER," because He was the SON, he wasn't obedient to become the "SON."  Checking myself today........What is my level of growth in grace?  Do I want to grow closer and obey the Father even more?  Do I know him? If I do then obedience should come naturally......How about you?   Couldn't we all stand to move a little closer! Wanting a higher view of the word Obedience.......wanting that relationship that makes Obedience possible.

all of grace,