Monday, December 6, 2010

I hope everyone is checking in to read the post that Amy and Robbie are sending over from Israel.  I found it very neat to check our site meter and see that United States and Israel were both on there for checking the blog.  On the same days, and possibly at similar times.  I wonder sometimes why God takes a ministry and pulls individuals in it in different directions, but when I sat back and looked at the big picture here, I felt as if God was allowing Yahweh Sisters to cover a very large area at the SAME TIME...and in two places that are very dear to all three of our hearts. 
Isn't that neat?  I think it is.  Israel and US covered and looking at Yahweh at the same time.  Think about that.  Take away the Sisters.  Don't look at us for a moment.  But look at Yahweh, the one who was and who is and is to come.  One place that is God's chosen place and one place that He created us to live in and share His word.  God is in it all.  He is over it all.  God created it all.  He goes from one end of the earth to the other.  He is almighty, omnipotent, all knowing, all consuming, all powerful.  God is the ONE and ONLY. 
Let's stand together this week, and if you have never joined with us and prayed for nothing before, please start now and with this.  Please pray for Amy and Robbie as they plant their feet on places that God once visited.  Pray as they encounter people that do not serve Him and in fact, know who He is and choose to turn away and walk NOT with Him.  Pray as they are used to not only be poured into but to be burdened with the desire to cry out for this nation that God has called HIS CHOSEN ONE.  Please pray that what they are coming in contact with over there will continue to open their eyes so they can share with us here the needs and lack so we can be lead to pray for the people and nation of Israel.  And pray for them individually that God's wings will stay over them, protecting them from the enemies attack.  I woke the other night with them on my mind, and I knew that I must pray then.  I had no idea why, but I prayed.  If this occurs to you, please be OBEDIENT and PRAY.  Don't fall back asleep and promise to do it in the morning.  PRAY THEN.
God is doing something big here ladies (and gentlemen that read the blog).  He is moving in their lives and they are eager to share this encounter with you.  I know they are. 
I pray even now that God is doing something big in you and in your life as well.  I know that this season can be a depressing season for some, with the stress of finances and family and lost ones.  BUT God never intended this time to be that way.  Let's not get away from the true meaning of this time.  Let's not forget about God's son that He sent to die for us.  This is the season of His birth and just as we celebrate our own birthdays with celebration, let's do the same for HIM.  This is a time to be joyful.  No matter what has happened in your life, God has equipped you to praise Him through it.
Keep checking the blog.  Go back and read and reread the previous post by Amy and Robbie.  PLEASE!!!!! So, it can penetrate your thoughts and excite you for His land.  You are here, they are there, and God is everywhere.  Let's join in prayer for our nations and watch as God reveals.
Can't wait to see you girls.  Love you Amy and Robbie.