Thursday, December 9, 2010

The girls will be heading back home tomorrow.  Are you as excited as I am to hear some of the stories and see some of the pictures?  I can barely stand it.  I can't wait to see and hear all that God has done in them. 
Let's keep them in our prayers these past few days as they begin to prepare to travel back.  We need to pray for them as they prepare for reentry back into the United States.  If you have ever been out of the country, you will know how to pray for this.  Pray as the Lord leads you to pray.
So today is their last day in Israel.  I am sure they are eager to see their family, but to know that their time there is almost over has to be bittersweet.  They are experiencing Gethsemane, Golgotha, and the Garden Tomb these last few hours there.
Can you believe they are seeing these things?  I can't wait to hear about it.  I know that Amy and Robbie have been taking notes like crazy.  I can see those two sitting right at the front of the group, with pen and pad in hand, writing as fast as the ones guiding them can talk, taking it all in.  I can't wait to read the notes....
But until then, let's pray them home safely (and quickly for Robbie's sake). 
Pray that their homes are as clean and in order as they left them.  Remember they each have 3 kids that they left here in those houses...and those with kids know the damage that can be done in just minutes. I know that their spouses have went above and beyond trying to keep things just the way they left them and are super anxious to see them.  I see visions of a nice dinner with candlelight on the dining room table to greet them both as they come back home.  Okay, enough dreaming.
Let's pray for their time even now.  I know that the emotions and feelings that they are feeling right now can be overwhelming and, as I said, bittersweet.  So, pray for God's peace to be upon them.
Check back in for I know that they will be blogging soon about some of their experiences.
Be open to receive what it is that they have to share.
God bless each of you today.