Sunday, December 5, 2010

YESHUA BOAT..................................

Hello from Israel-
Wow! It is so true when you hear that the scriptures come alive after visiting the Land of the Bible. The first picture is from the boat found in mud at the Sea of Galilee. This finding was huge. The boat was 2000yrs old. Similar to the one Jesus would have been on. It was a very tidious process getting this boat out of the mud, keeping it together, and then transporting it to a resting place. We will write more about this finding at another time. But one awesome comment was that when transporting the boat across the Sea of Galilee, the boat floated across. God is revealing to us the truth of his word, one finding at a time. God is real- we feel him so strongly and right now we cannot get enough. Robbie and I want more of Jesus. We pray for you all and wish Jennifer was here, but we feel that we'll be back to Israel. There is something in me that is eager to already come back. Robbie will of course have to sail over next time, cause the plane trip about did her in.
The second picture is the group around a tree near the sea. We saw, from what the believe, was Peter's house. This is where Jesus healed his mother-in-law and others at this site. I could have stayed forever there. I tryed imaging Jesus teaching and preaching to his people. I felt his power and felt very safe in his arms. This trip he keeps telling me, as he has been for a while now, to BE STILL. I will get into that  whole story when the internet works for more that 5 minutes at a time. Because God is real, but the internet here is not.