Thursday, February 11, 2010

God's Amazingness Seen

As I read what other's write days after we write about things, I am reminded how everything with God is circular. He circles us with His word, with His answers, and as we praise Him and our praises go up to him, His glory comes back down to us in in a circular motion. Again, I see His hand moving and stirring among His people as I read similar, almost word for word at times, stories like the ones we have shared on our blog.
There is one topic in particular that I read on another blog that was posted today and we were circled with it yesterday and blogged on it. God is bringing unity amongst His people. And I'm not talking about people that know each other, or even live in the same city or state. These are complete strangers. But there is a common ground that God is speaking to us about.
He never ceases to amaze me. He never stops being the most amazing and unpredictable Father. He opens up His huge arms and pulls His children in tight and wraps us with His love and His word and in that moment I see another glimpse of who He is, another piece to the puzzle that He is allowing me to put together. And I beg for more of it, for more of His awesomeness and amazingness and splendor and all that He has to offer to me as His child.
Thank you Father.
I love you Father.

In love with the Father