Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wow...I just got through reading some other womens' blogs, and I realized something. I have no room to complain. Sure I may struggle with finances, being a diabetic, my weight, having a preteen in the house and the hormones that are coming along with that, having to work night shift and being tired all of the time, parents getting old and sickly, and everyday situations that may arise BUT I am so blessed in so many ways.
I have a wonderful and faithful husband whom I absolutely adore. My children are healthy. I have a roof over my head and food on my table everyday of my life. God answers my prayers for provision and protection over my children every single day.
I have so much that I overlook when the small struggles are thrown my way, but there are women out there that have lost a child, have children with diseases and handicaps that cause them to have to provide total care, they deal with diseases themselves that do not allow them to dress themselves and some that are completely homebound.
And I sit and sulk whenever I don't get enough sleep from being up all night working. Praise God I even have a job because there are also those out there who struggle with the loss of a job and income too.
I think we get so consumed with our own struggles sometimes, whether they are big or small, that we don't see the struggles of others around us.
Stop for a minute and look at others in the grocery store, in church, in the news, at the mall...we never know what others are going through or have been through. Sometimes their lives may look so put together but we don't know what they have had to walk out in their lives.
Today I got a dose of this. I read blogs of women that have struggles that I myself cannot imagine going through.
I pray that God continues to help take my focus off of me and let me see the world through His eyes, catching every hurt and pain that others may have and allow my heart to be like His so that instead of caring so much about what I deal with, I begin to care that much about what others are dealing with. I want to see people in the mall and know their burdens so that I may lift them up in prayer and see the hand of God reaching down and touching them at that moment.
Open my eyes and heart to be like you think like you, to hear like you, to see like you and to hurt like you do for these women mentioned above. Even though they go through some very difficult times, they still find hope and strength in you and today that blessed me to see and read about.
Thank you God for taking me to these sites and helping me realize myself that my life is not so bad and nothing is too impossible for you to help us get through.
Let's get back to caring for others...truly caring for others.

With His eyes today