Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Gift.........................

My mom gave me the most beautiful little picture frame with my favorite verse.

(Psalm 91:11): For he shall command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways...

This has been the most comforting verse to me I have ever known. When I was first saved,which hasn't been that long ago, I had a lot of fear, and that verse gave me so much comfort (yes I am a woman with a past...lol!!). So when my mom found it on a tiny little frame I couldn't believe it. I held that little tiny frame so close to me. Even though it was cheap in price, the meaning meant more to me than gold. I slept with it every night by my bed. It meant so much to me to be able to see that verse where I slept at night. One day my dad came for a visit. Now my dad has lived a very hard life with some of the choices that he has made. But when he was here something in my spirit said "give that to your dad". It was the softest little whisper in my heart. I thought, "No God. Anything but that. That means so much to me, that is my verse". I was actually trying to bargain my way out of giving that precious verse away. I knew it would mean nothing to my dad. I knew he would sit it down and never give it a second thought. It had no money value but it meant everything to me. That was God's word that comforted me through so much fear. I continued to feel this ever so gentle nudge to be obedient. So I did give my dad that tiny little picture frame with my verse, and I explained to him how much it meant to me. He looked at me like I was crazy. But he took it and has to this day never mentioned it again. I have often thought about that little frame with my verse and have searched high and low in every christian book store that I have been in to find another one but...nothing.
I guess it has been around 2 years ago when that happened, and as one of my bible study classes (Esther) was ending the group presented me with a little box. Now, they had never heard this story before. I had never shared it with my class or anyone for that matter. As I unwrapped this little box, I opened it up to find the most beautiful silver bracelet I have ever seen. I noticed there was a verse engraved around it. When I picked it up to read it, I screamed. There it was...my verse...engraved all the way around that bracelet. On the inside was engraved Psalm 91:11.
Wow I am still touched by this as tears fall down my cheeks as I write this now. The class had no idea. When one of the women in the study went to purchase the gift (the bracelet), she said there were several verses to choose from and "something" (hmmm...what could that "something" have been?) nudged her to get that one.
WOW isn't God amazing. His ways are not our ways , his thoughts are not our thoughts, his timing is so different from ours. He cares about the little things. That little tiny picture frame has turned into now the most beautiful bracelet that you have ever seen, and I am now wearing my favorite verse around my wrist.
Praise Him today and be obedient. Listen to the tiny nudging of the Holy Spirit and sit back and watch God work.
Thank you Jesus for caring even about the little things. Praise you Father! You are worthy.....

Always attempting to walk in obedience,