Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is my first entry. I am the third Yahweh sister, one of the cords from a strand that is not easily broken. One of my " New Years resolutions" is to read the bible through. Already behind, I race to get caught up. God gently says to me, "slow down and hear what I have to say". How often do we get on our knees and cry out to God, begging Him to speak to us and to show us the way. Then we wait, going on with our frustrated and busy lives, but still not truly listening. God's answers and all the help we need are in His word. Are we taking the time to spend time with Him in His word? As said in one of my daily bible readings, " It is not life and its difficulties you have to conquer, only the self in you." Wow, how true. Often God has answered our prayers and has forgiven our sins, but it is us, our flesh, that will hold on to something. Today lets move on. Once we pray for forgiveness or lay our burdens at the cross.. Get up and go. Read your bible daily, pray without ceasing, and surround yourself with christian friends and family. Spend time with Him. Have you ever had a problem or something exciting to share? You call everyone you know and the phone is busy or they will not pick up the phone. I know when this happens to me I get mad or pout, "why can't my friends be there for me?". And then my heart softens as I hear God saying to me, "child I'm here. I want to know you and what makes you sad or happy. I am here for you". When you feel all alone, please know that you are not. God is there and believe it or not he wants our companionship. He loves us, unconditionally. Reach out to him today. I am. Right now. Father God, thank you for being there for me and allowing your son to die on the cross for me. I am important to you. I will go now and serve you. Keep me strong and focused on you. Amen.