Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good morning. As this day begins, I pray for God's abundance of joy to overflow in your heart today. Whatever it is that you face, face it with the understanding that God's grace IS sufficient for what you will face today. It is new every morning. Study God's word today with a fresh eye on what it is He wants to teach you. Learn about God's love and mercy, His strength when you are weak, His call for your life. Ask God today to show you SOMETHING as you earnestly SEEK His face. Do not seek what God can do for you, but what you will do for Him. Seek His face and not His hands. Fasting and prayer time will bring you closer to the heart of God. You will begin to experience things and see things in a new way. Dare yourself to step out into the unknown life that God has for you. You WILL be blessed. God has so much for us to do; yet, we sit in our boxes of "home" and comfort not wanting to venture out into the unknown, the uncomfortable. Beloved one, God may have more joy for you in the uncomfortable places. Step out and see. Seek Him for His guidance today in what it is He has for your life, and be open. Open up your heart to a new season with the Lord. You will begin to hear from God and feel His joy overflowing, and excitement will show on your face, and then you will know that God is moving within your heart.

Wow, I just wanted to write a quick prayer for joy in your life today, but I pray that someone needed this today.

Be open today.