Sunday, January 17, 2010

I sat in church today and as I listened to the message I asked myself, "why is it so hard to trust God?" What is it in our lives that makes us not believe that our God CAN do all things, that He can and will do the impossibilites in our lives? God has or will (at some point in your life) speak to you about something He is calling you to do, and in the fleshly, earthly self it does not seem possible. It makes no sense. Even if you get excited about it and start to plan it out, you come back to reality at some point and dismiss the idea because of the lack of knowledge in that area, fear, lack of financial support, distraction, or many other things that our mind likes to fill us with. But, when you have that burning desire deep down in your gut and you cannot let it go, then you HAVE to believe that even if it sounds crazy to your family, or crazy to your friends, or crazy to you, it still must be done.
As many of my facebook friends know, I will be leaving for Guatemala the end of March. I have been faced with a huge distraction the past few weeks that could, no it does, make me want to turn and walk away from this trip. But, as I sat in church I realized that God planted this in me, He created me to do this, He opened this door for me to walk through, and who am I to say no to the King of Kings and Lord of all Lords? The obstacles that arise with a trip like this are usually to be expected, but when they come it is hard to face. We have to believe and know that God will do the impossibilites in our lives. God is in the business of doing the impossible. He makes a way where there seems to be no way at all. He provides when there seems to be no provision. He heals when there seems to be death all around. Our God, who spoke this trip into my heart, will make a way. I cannot let the things of this earth pull me away from my destiny.
As a Yahweh sister, doing this medical missions trip is part of our ministry. I am called by the Most High God to go and I cannot say no to Him.
Maybe God is speaking to you about something that doesn't seem possible on this earth. It seems absolutely crazy and bizarre to imagine, but God can do this beloved one. He can and He will. Trust Him. Ask Him. Then believe Him for it.
In God's Timing