Monday, June 6, 2011 birth

      I do not take credit for this post, but rather give the credit all to my beautiful sister-in-law who lives her life as a missionary in Lima, Peru.  Her name is Michelle, and God knew what He was doing when He put me with my husband because with him came the most amazing woman of God, my sister-in-law.  She has been an inspiration to me, a motivation, and has taught me and shown me so much over the years. 
The other night we were talking on skype (thank God for technology) and she began to share with me about some transitions that were taking place in their lives.  We all seem to be at a transition stage at some point in our lives and some of these transitions are not what our flesh wants, but our spirit needs.  We go through seasons with God and we change to become more like Him through the trials and seasons of our walk.  My sister shared with me about what takes place in a transition stage and what God had spoke to her about.  She always relates transition to birth pains.  When you are in the birthing process, you are feeling the say things to those you love that you may regret say things that you otherwise would not say.  In the birthing period, you are hurting and nothing can relieve that pain no matter what you try to take it is still there, causing discomfort and uneasiness.  But, at the end of that period, you are able to deliver a new birth...With the pain and discomfort comes new birth.
In our walk, in our times of transition, we may have pain.  It may hurt us.  Our flesh may not like the feeling of it.  And, we may not be able to totally understand what is taking place.  BUT...when we are able to see NEW BIRTH we realize that it was a time of transition for us...we had to go through the pain to get to the new birth.  With the new birth comes peace.  With the new birth comes new growth.  Even the smell of a new birth is different, refreshing, cleansing. 
We don't always like to transition.  It doesn't always make sense.  It hurts and you may lash out at those that are around you during this time.  But the end result is new birth.
Don't resist transition.  Learn from it.  Hold on during this time.  Pray for God to bring you through the stages and He will...
God bless you as some of you transition, as some of you move into a new season, as some of you hold new birth in your hands...
I love:
my sister -  for her words and her knowledge and her friendship over the years
my God - for showing me again another way to understand the ways and things of Him
my family - for forgiving me of all of my faults during times of transition
my friends - for understanding me even when I don't always understand myself