Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Creating a quiet place for prayer..............

A prayer bench..............one with Scripture, a journal, a prayer book, hymnal and a candle.
      A place to escape the busyness..............of life.
      After all doesn't Jesus remind us that "My house shall be a house of prayer."
So how do we build a house of prayer?

I wanted that special place for God and I......not that we should try and confine Him!
We are suppose to pray without ceasing........ praying any-where anytime.....but this was personal
somewhere I could go before the house awakes...............and have a special place that is just for me and God.

A longing..............a need........a willingness........to purify the heart!

Knowing in my heart that a house of prayer is one grows the closer to God.
The closer you come to God the closer you come to finding your true self.

     To  simply draw us deeper.................deeper into himself.

Prayer is a gift........pray with books to help..........the saints before us can sometimes show us the way.

Music can help calm the clutter inside the head.....and quiet the soul.

My view from my prayer bench.....(Lord help me if the Fed-Ex or the UPS man knocks on the door while I am sprawled out on the church pew) they may never return. Sometimes I truly feel like I live in a fish bowl.
There are glass doors on both sides of my house that mirror each other. No privacy!

The reason I created this prayer place:

It's time to stop and pray but I am always the busy............busy cleaning the house.
I am busy wiping the crumbs from the counter.....putting one more load in the wash. Making one more bed.
The Holy Spirit is asking once again; "Where do I come into this relationship?" Only after? After the cleaning?
After the kids are gone to school? After you get caught up in your day? 
What am I putting first in my life?
Because it is an idol.
When will I learn to put HIM first? Making Him my first consideration everyday creates calmness in my home. Creates a ; "NO CONFUSION," zone! 
Knowing that the only thing that keeps me from growing closer to the Father is the ME.
I don't pray enough because I am living my life for ME.
I am the hoping by creating this quiet place to kneel and pray that I will stop and be still and maybe it will be the life changing kind.
When the kids are off to school in Babylon it's the me that has the inner struggle to cease the cleaning and do the kneeling!
Where does God fall in my life? Isn't He supposed to be the first?
I claim I want the Jesus more than the anything......it's the time and the effort that I don't invest.
Just when did I think I was the one who has it all together?
Shouldn't we take time each and everyday to be still and know that He is God?
 Trying to put God first in my life.....by finding a quiet place to be still and communion with HIM.
Wanting to learn to resolve..........just like Daniel did in Babylon!
Wanting that peace that only Christ can give......when He is first!

all of grace,

thankful for:
the saints before me
good books
for a washer and a dryer
clean bathrooms
ceiling fans on the porch
rocking chairs
plants that always need a little water
herb garden
the grass that the lawn man never comes to cut
the old truck that my husband loves with seats that are duck-taped and the trash that flies in your eyes while you ride
for the work who calls for the home-made banana pudding to be made by tomorrow
the end of school year activities that are making a momma wild