Thursday, June 16, 2011

God has a plan


God never ceases to amaze me! His plan is not ours- and when we "stop" trying to "fix" things and just surrender and trust in him- it is then that we see his plan more clearly!
I woke one Sunday morning tired and sleepy- I had already sent a text to Robbie, telling her that I was  going to late service. I was just too tired to get up early. My husband, who is rarely off on a Sunday, was up ironing his "church clothes". The whole "going to church" issue has been a battle with us for sometime now. When we first started dating- we went to church- when we were first married - we went to church, even when our kids were small. But with his job, he works 90% of Sundays. And this made it easy to " skip" church. So when he is off, he sleeps in. And oh how the devil has a hay day with that!!
So I asked him- What are you doing? Going to Mt. Harmony- church that he plays softball with. Are we all going? I wondered out loud. No, just me. OK- if you were there you would have seen steam coming out of my ears. Whatever!!! I just laid there- still- until he was gone. Oh how easy it would be to lay in the bed, sulking!, but I needed to go to church. I needed to have my cup filled.
A few screams and rushing later, the three boys and I were ready to go to church. I think the devil works overtime on Sunday- Right before I walk through the church doors, and as soon as I walk out of them- I am attacked the strongest.
I rush downstairs- military like- " Get your shoes, and lets GO". And there he stood- my husband- the boys stand around him like little ducks. I soon find out- from my 8 year old- the one we call " little preacher"- that we are ALL going to church. Didn't you just go to MT. Harmony, I asked?. Yes and now I am going with you guys. OK---- No fight- No pouting- No Arguing. We all get into the car- everyone silent-But you could hear the grin on my kids face- as they watched their dad lead them to church. WOW I was shocked. Oh how little we trust God- His plans for us are to take care of us, not to harm us.
It wasn't til days later, that we actually talked about  him going to church, not once- but twice in one day. A miracle- And days later he told me what the sermon was at Mt. Harmony-
Ephesians 5:22-" Wives summit yourselves to your husbands, as unto the Lord."
Great- I thought- more about what I need to do for you!!!!
Then- he continued-
Ephesians 5:33 " Nevertheless let everyone of you in particular so love his wife even as himself, as the wife sees that she is reverence to her husband."
My husband- who I am still learning about- said - Per the Bible, you are to summit to me, but I am to love you more than I do myself.
For once I was speechless! God is full of miracles- everyday we can see them- be apart of them- especially if we pay attention!. Keep our eyes on him. I am seeing miracles everyday with my husband, the pilot, the father, the one that God is working on- I will share those miracles with each one of you- Slowly- I don't want to miss anything- God has a plan- And his plan includes me! That is the miracle!!!!!
In his Service: