Monday, May 16, 2011

trying to get back to the basics in our walk...


          As I sit here in our home office, taking in all that surrounds my day, I think back to a conversation that I had earlier in the week with a man that all of us have come to know and respect.  His name is Yodi.  He is not from "around these parts" and his accent makes it hard to catch every word that he speaks, but we often find ourselves hanging onto every word because we know that behind each word there is wisdom to be gained. 
You see, Yodi comes from a place that is not spoiled with the things we find ourselves spoiled with.  Does it make him better than us?  No, but it makes him more appreciative I believe than what I am most of the time.
There was only one point to our 45 minute conversation the other night...getting back to the basics.  I know what drives me...time alone with the Father.  I know what motivates me...time alone with the Father.  I know what keeps me pure and holy and righteous...time alone with the Father.  I know what gives me the trust that I need in my everyday life...time alone with the Father.  And I know what I am missing the most in my life...time alone with the Father.
I can join every bible study, go to every church service, pray and teach my children in the ways that I should, but I need to have my time alone with God.  Praying. Worshiping. Listening. Seeking.
Without these things, I find my life more chaotic, my thoughts more sparatic, my words more cutting and unclean.  Without my drive, I find myself tired and worn out. 
I have to have time with my God, my Father, the King of all Kings, the Alpha and the Omega, the One that Heals, the Provider, Yahweh.  Because in this time, I am restored.  In this time, I am renewed.  In this time, I am disciplined to the point of change.  In this time, I am forgiven.
Let's get to the basics and stop running for the gold medals in life that so many christians want to have hanging around their neck.  Because when we stand before the Father one day, will we know Him?  Recognize Him?  Will we hear a familiar voice? 
Let's "beef" up our time with the Father, soaking in His presence, worshiping Him while we clean the dishes, singing praises to Him, and spending our time praying to Him, letting Him speak to us and cleansing us so that we can make it through our weeks with less confusion and distraction.
Let's get back to the basics in our's what is really important.