Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Thankful Heart

I slowly dig my way out of the pit of life- sometimes I wonder- if I even want out. Do we like to roll around in the mess we create. Is it ever really that bad. It is not until the quiet of night, that I realize that I often exaggerate- when it comes down to it. What do we love about chaos? What joy do I find in the whirlwind that I create? My dad gave me a book for Mother's Day - Helen Steiner Rice- A collection of blessings- I wanted to share one that touched me.... that made me think!

                                                                   A Thankful Heart
Take nothing for granted, for whenever you do, The joy of enjoying is lessened for you. For we rob our own lives much more than we know when we fail to respond or in any way show- our thanks for the blessings that daily are ours- The warmth of the sun, the fragrance of flowers, The beauty of twilight, the freshness of dawn, The coolness of dew on a green velvet lawn, The kind little deeds so thoughtfully done. The favors of friends -and the love that someone unselfishly gives us in myriad ways. Expecting no payment and no words of praise, Oh, great is our loss when we no longer find a thankful response to things of this kind. For the joy of enjoying and the fullness of living are found in the heart that is filled with thanksgiving.

What am I missing, by always spinning? Am I going to find out one day that I missed it. That I missed it by- rushing through life- by always hurrying- always complaining- .... That nothing is ever good enough.
My prayer today- is that I remain thankful - that I see God's plan in every situation. Not just the good times, but also the bad.
With a Thankful Heart-