Monday, December 13, 2010

Waking up in Netanya and headed to Haifa...Day one in Israel.......

It was dark when we arrived in Netanya Dec. 1 around 7pm at night... But this was the treat we got when we woke up Dec. 2 and walked out onto our balcony.... This was our view..... It took our breath away....

 We left Netanya and headed to Haifa where our first stop; was the World's Longest Hillside Gardens......."The Baha'i Gardens"
The gardens dominate the Mount Carmel hillside in Haifa. Midway down is the gold-domed Shrine of the Bab. Completed in 1953, the building contains the tomb of Siyyad Ali Muhammed-the Bab-a Muslim in Persia who proclaimed the coming of the "Promised One" in 1844. He was executed in for heresy in 1850, and his disciples brought his remains to Haifa in 1909. The Baha'i religion emerged from Muslim society (though the Baha'is hate to be called a Muslim sect.) Few Baha'is live in Israel, but some 700 volunteers from abroad serve in the Baha'i World Center.

Extending from the summit of Mount Carmel, this unique hillside terraced garden, completed in 2001, spreads out spectacularly along the north-western slope of the mountain. The hillside garden has a classically European ambiance. The terraces are lined with stone balustrades, fountains and stone eagles. Black iron gates give access to the trees, bushes, flowerbeds and neatly manicured bright green lawns. But the garden's crowning glory is its breathtaking panoramic view of Haifa Bay and the Mediterranean Sea stretching serenely to the horizon.......

Haifa is the 3rd largest city in Israel with one of the centers of the nation's renowned high-technology industries. It sits between the Mediterranean and Mount Carmel Range. Haifa is settled itself lazily among the gentle slopes of Mount Carmel. The city has three levels; its original location being on the waterfront. The second level, in the Carmel foothills, with the newest neighborhoods climbing all the way to the crest of the peak, clinging to its sides, connected by a network of excellent roads. In Israel they tell you that the whole nation is the size of New Jersey with Haifa's population around 300,000 and being the place where everyone works hard; it is the industrial city. Tel Aviv being more modern with around 430,000 population and it being called where you go to play. Jerusalem being around 750.000 population and being the capital of Israel. It is called the place of worship!!!!
After leaving these beautiful gardens we visited a Navy Academy Base in Haifa where all there military are trained. This being there most important military base!!!  Amy is going to blog about that incredible experience in the next couple of days. We don't have any  photos to show you of this amazing visit because  their safety could be at risk. We spent half a day also having lunch prepared by them which we learned that in the entire history of Israel there has NEVER been ANY visitors allowed to this base or any base of this kind. It was so obvious to us that this visit had been ordained by God himself.  We were sent there to strengthen them and to tell them that we are praying for them and that God considers Israel the apple of His eye!!!!!