Friday, December 17, 2010

Israeli Navy Base

God's hand protected us as our itinerary had changed.  Instead of Mt. Carmel, we headed to the Israeli Navy Base. This chose to be a blessing in many ways. Not only did God protect us from the fire, but we were the first group to EVER to visit the navy base. We arrived on the base first thing Thursday morning.   Looking back on our trip, the whole thing was God ordained.  We pulled our big ole bus into the base, with a brief stop from the guards at the entrance. As I remember that day, I cant believe how easily we got in. We were not allowed to take pictures, so we all left our stuff on the bus and headed into the base. I have a great picture of the group with a few commanders and soldiers. A picture they took and had for ALL of us as we left. If I can figure out how to scan the picture for this blog, I'll have it for you.  We all got off the bus and headed for their auditorium. It did not look anything like a Navy base, but a boyscout camp, The soldiers had coffee, juice, and danishes for us.They looked uncomfortable and really didn't know what to expect, because they had NEVER had any visitors in the history of Israel but more importantly American Christian visitors!!!!!!  They had a gift for us which was a key chain that any man would love. It had their Navy sword on it which is part of their uniform that can only be worn if you are in their armed forces. Our husbands already have them on their key chains. They will be cherished forever.
 We sat quietly in the auditorium as the commander told us about the Israeli Navy.  Robbie and I could barely keep it together as we watched a movie about the Navy. We were known on this trip as Crybaby 1 and Crybaby 2. This experience was very moving and we had to remind our trip mates that our spirits are very sensitive. LOL. After the movie we all congregated outside and tried to "mingle" with the soldiers. Robbie and I talked with one girl who spoke very little English. She was a Lone Soldier. This is when a soldier has no family and the Navy/Army takes them in and provides for them. We then made our way to the commander, who probably is scared from Robbie and I. Freddie is his name. We told him all about us, critical care nurses, and our love for Israel. And that we pray for peace for their country and their safety.  As we walked around the base, the soldiers showed us different teaching areas. One is a room with pictures on the wall about their history. Israeli soldiers not only are trained to protect their country, they are taught why they should protect their country. Before the soldiers are sworn in they track up and down the desert mountains on Masada. With blood, sweat and tears and right before they take their oath to be sworn in they place a gun in their right hand and a bible in their left hand. Then they tell them; "you can't defend your country until you know where you come from!!!!!!"  It is in their heart!!!! What resides in our hearts? Isn't that what God is more concerned with "the what," that is in our hearts?  Ask yourself today, "what would God see if he looked into your heart today?"  Would He be pleased? Or disappointed?
side story: (a man who shot missiles over in Israel to try to wipe them out; was fired back on by the Israeli soldiers and the man was wounded.    Israel then took him and treated him medically and found out that he had a huge heart defect!!!!! He needed open heart surgery that he couldn't get except in Israel.... The news would never tell you any of this; but guess what?    Israel granted him rights into their country even though he tried to hurt them and Israel's government still gave him this life saving surgery! Wow!!!! It shows a little of what is in there heart. The news continues to betray them wrongly. The incident with the boats several months ago was so slanted by the news media. Satan has got his tentacles in the media and will continue to mislead you all the while playing on your emotions. Don't always believe what you hear on the news. Things are not always as they seem. Just like in the bible. When God was about to part the red sea for the Israelites, they thought they were doomed and the Egyptians thought they were about to conquer the Israelites....  But oh how God himself had other plans.. He hardened the Egyptians hearts even more so they would not stop and when he parted the red sea the Israelites moved quickly and safety to the other side. The Egyptians went in after them and God commanded the sea to cover and consume them in their own hatred...Things are truly not as they had seemed......Wow.....
 During this visit, several of us on this tour told Freddie of our support as a country. Robbie was able to talk with Freddie as we moved to another area on the base. As his eyes filled with tears, he told her that he had no idea that Americans felt this way. Robbie continued to love on him, others also poured their feelings and prayers for support to him and the whole base. He took Robbie and I over to an area where this huge missile was located. Freddie said to us "this is a missile that was shot at us and landed in our front yard." the interesting thing is that it NEVER EXPLODED!" That is truly super-natural!!!! God is protecting Israel...He refers to Israel in the old testament numerous time as; HIS FIRST BORN SON!!!! God even said in one verse; "why are you messing with my first born son..." so powerful. If someone or some country was shooting missiles in your front yard what would you do????
 After they served us a wonderful lunch, we toured more of the base which they took us to a school  that is for troubled kids ages 14-18.  Some of these children don't have anything; not even a bed to sleep on. A small percentage of the teens are even developmentally delayed. The Israel navy base makes sure that they have a place to sleep and food to eat.  They also train them in very specific skills that gives them a trade for later on in life. This program has a profound influence on these kids. It gives them a sense of purpose and some of them are even able to serve in the armed forces when they become of age. They keep these kids off the streets, and away from drugs.  This has proven to be a very positive move for this country.
 Before we left, Robbie and I were trying to call stray cats to us. The cats were eating food left by some soldiers at the picnic area. We were calling them " here kitty, here kitty." We were getting frustrated. A soldier came up to us and we asked him how do you get these cats attention, they wont even look at us. He explained to us that the cats only understood Hebrew, not English.  We laughed so hard. So they were Hebrew Cats!!!  I will never forget this wonderful experience and truly cannot wait to go back one-day!!!
Be still!!!
 These are some of the pics from the horrible fire that killed 42 people and burned over 13,000 miles in Israel's forest on Mount Carmel.......And we were supposed to be there at that time!!!!! Wow....