Sunday, November 21, 2010

Growing in Christ

Lately I have been in the "cleaning mood". Truthfully I did not know that term existed. Between getting ready for my Israel trip and Christmas, I feel a great need to clean and get rid of "stuff". How can one family have so much stuff- most of it is useless junk.  Like for example- candles with not even enough candle to burn for 30 minutes. Or sunscreen that has one spray left. I don't know why, but I save everything. Not anymore- I'm on a mission. If you let God work through everything you do, you can learn a lesson, or have a revelation. Since I save everything, I was looking through some of the kids old papers. I smiled as I saw them grow from page to page. Each year they write better, use more adjectives, and just grow intellectually. Then I came to a journal given to me by a special friend. I turned to today's date, I must have started a year ago today. For the next several pages I read full pages of writing. Each month had less and less writing, but as I read I realized that less was more. Instead of moaning and groaning to Christ, I simply wrote- guide me today. Let others see you living in me through my words and actions. Wow- we are like a child growing. The more we study and meditate on God's word, the more we learn and grow. So right now I am burning those final  minutes of my candles before I throw them out, but I just want to thank God for teaching me and showing me the way. All we have to do is ask. Seek and you will find. Ask and it will be given to you. And usually not right away, but when we need it. Prayers I that have been praying for years are being answered. And it sure means more now that it would have then. Be patient while God works in your life. But also observe how you are growing. Are you becoming more bold in your faith? Is your tolerance to sin becoming shorter?- I pray that is so. I am tired of being silent when I know something is wrong. I am now starting to speak out. Be strong in your faith and keep growing in Christ.
Become someone that God can use and will use for his kingdom.
Love in Christ: