Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How far will we go for God? If He told us to go, would we go? If He asked us to move, would we move?
Let's think about how much we would truly do for God.
If we have a hard time answering that question, let's reevaluate our walk with Him.
What would God have to do for us to move when He said, to go when He said go? Is that what it would take? For God to do something? Or are we willing to sacrifice for the Father? The King of all Kings? The Alpha and Omega?
Why is it so hard to walk where the Father wants us to walk after He gave His only Son for us?
Let's think about God calling us today to an uncomfortable place and what our response to Him would be. If we have hesitation, then why? Do we not trust that He will provide? Do we not trust that He will protect?
Think about it....REEVALUATE...and let's change our ways to obey the Father when He speaks to us.
Let's ask God to put us in the uncomfortable places, to stretch we can learn to lean on Him more and trust Him instead of our own ways.
There is so much more for our lives with the Father than what we are allowing to occur...
Allow it to occur
Be tested, tried, stretched beyond the uncomfortable
And allow it to ocur
Whatever it may be

A word for myself...