Monday, July 12, 2010

Where do I even begin? Maybe with...I'm sorry.
The Yahweh Sisters have not fallen off of this earth, and in fact, we are still right here in Charlotte where we have been the whole time.

So, why aren't we blogging? I will give you some reasons, but sometimes I feel that reasons are just excuses for getting too caught up in the things around us or for our own laziness.
Robbie has been holding a bible study this summer and it has taken up a lot of her time. With a new season in her walk with God, she has found that also comes more studying and preparation for what God places in her hands to do.
We have also been trying to prepare for our speaking engagement to come in August in Amelia Island, FL. You hear about how much goes into such a thing as this, but until you have to walk it out, you really never know. It has consumed us with numerous hours of reading, studying, praying, and listening for the voice of God to speak to each of us.
With that also has come attacks...both in the physical and in the spiritual realm.
I wish I could tell you all that has went on, and if God wants to use one of the situations for His glory and for me to blog, then I will, but until then....I will hold onto some of the details.
This blog was a beginning for share and open up to ourselves and to you. We never knew where God would take it or who would read it. All we wanted was to share and hopefully touch at least one individual with what God was speaking to us.
So, I apologize for our absence to it. I hope that you will hold on and wait patiently with us as we continue to prepare for what God wants to do at this upcoming engagement.
We have had to step back just for a moment and put our focus on another aspect of our ministry, but that does not mean we have walked away from it (we are still in the learning aspect of this whole thing that God is doing with us). We will be back and I know that God will continue to pour out His words onto this blog in His timing.
Until then, I pray that the fire of God consumes your souls with the burning desire to seek Him and find Him and He explodes anew inside of you causing you to run hard after Him again and afresh.