Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just to give everyone a quick update...we will be traveling to Amelia Island, FL the weekend of August 14th for a womens speaking event. We are excited to ponder on what God is going to do, but also have a lot of nervous energy stored up inside. This is our first speaking engagement and we honestly do not know what to expect. However, we can already see God's hand in the midst of it all. He is speaking and pouring into one of the Yahweh Sisters and then confirming it with another. He is opening up doors for individuals in Amelia Island as they plan for this event that they know is ordained by God. Prayers are being answered.
Our lives over the summer are always slightly bit more chaotic than when school is in, so we do not get as much time to talk amongst ourselves or see each other and discuss what is going on and where we are at with God. This can be a bit stressful when you are supposed to be planning an event together and have no idea where to begin or what the others are working on or what direction God is pulling them. You begin to wonder if we are all going in the same direction. Yet, God shows us that giving it to Him and allowing Him to orchestrate it will bring it all together in the end. We have to trust that He has called us to this point and that He will equip and bring us through it.
So, we are excited to know (after talking) that so far we are on the same page, going in the same direction, and allowing God to continue to speak to us as He wants to. God's timing is not as ours is, and in saying that, He is also never late.
We can't wait to see what God has in store and we hope that you will begin to prepare now for that day. If you are going to be attending the event, begin to pray for God to speak to you and be open for whatever God has in store for you. Come expecting and we will do the same. I know that God can move mountains and calm the sea, so whatever it is we need for Him to do...He can do. It is not about us...we are just the vessels. God is going to show Himself to you that day and we are excited to see Him move.

Trusting (even with the small things)