Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Life's Greatest Mission...........................

Our life's greatest mission is to figure out what to do every day in our life that's ordained by God and then to follow through with it. We must remain single minded as we embrace God's purpose in our life. I told my bible study class the other day that I feel like I have one eye on God and one eye on me! If this continues to be the case then I will miss it. I will miss my purpose in Life!!
With all the distractions in my house right now satan is working over time. I have to tell you that sometimes the way to God is down first. I have not shared with you the hurt and the pain that I have endured in these last few weeks; it is called raising teenage girls. I have had a reality check as a christian parent. I have not done my part in impressing God's truth to my girls. I have been so busy impressing it to other's that they have been pushed to the side and in return they have taken advantage of certain situations. I have quickly realized these last few weeks that the average adolescents brain is "ACT NOW AND THINK LATER." My biggest mistake was somehow I had imagined that my daughter had the same picture in her mind that I did when I would caution her about things to stay away from. And I never stopped to take the time to walk her through different scenario's that she might be exposed to in high school. I have also realized that you have to role play and lay out all their consequences for them instead of assuming they have the cognitive ability to do so on their own. Their brains are not cognitively developed enough to walk down worst case scenario's from poor decision making.
I will tell you I have fallen prey to the flesh more times that I can count these last few weeks. I have allowed the battlefield of the mind to almost paralyze me. This is all part of satan's plan. He wants to distract me from my purpose. And he wants to distract you. He is stepping it up a notch because his time is short. Just listen to the news for five minutes and you quickly realize that the world as we know it is falling apart.
We have to become single minded and focused on God in these last days. It means saying NO to
things in order to spend time alone with God.
We don't have the mind of God so we are not going to understand things that are wrecking havoc in our world. Look at this verse for today: Revelation 19:13, He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God.....To know the Word is to know God. To believe the Word is to believe God; and to obey the Word is to obey God. Let's commit to God today to read more of his Word and spend time in prayer with Him. God has taken the time for us, he has not pushed us to the side. He has role-played with us and given us all the scenario's this world has offer. He has laid out all our consequences for the decisions we make; and he has given us "free will. " God has done his part. What are we going to do with it? Will we think before we act?
Hang on during these troubling times. Gabriel's lips are already puckered; he is just waiting on the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS to tell him to blow that trumpet. Praise God!
trying to think before I act,

(what would Jesus do?)