Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friendly Captavity.......................

We must ask ourselves living in these enticing times in the world; Do we have our integrity? What are our standards? Morals? We are growing more and more desensitized to the decaying morals and standards of our culture. The news is toxic, TV shows with sex scenes even some commercials are full of decaying morals and standards. What are you, what am I allowing in our minds?

If we drop our guard even for a minute and think "Oh I will just watch this one show." It want hurt me I know better. I will just play bonco with the neighborhood girls even if their language and jokes are inappropriate ( I want participate). I just want to be included.

Watch out because Satan has a play ground out there and it is called this world. Remember you and I have been assigned to this world but satan has also assigned it to us. He is the prince of this world. Believe me I have experienced it myself, I have even went out and swung on his swing set with him. If you open one tiny little hole, he is coming in. The more we play with Satan's world the more he will take from us. BE ON GUARD!!!! Look at our verse for today: John 10:10; The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. In contrast to the thief who takes life, Jesus gives eternal life! Praise God!!

Satan may bide his time until the perfect moment, but make no mistake he will take advantage of us at any opportunity. We have to spend time with God everyday and build our relationship with him. This in return will help us have a very sensitive spiritual antennae. We have to know our Father's voice. We do that by reading God's word and praying. We have to saturate ourselves in the truth.

It is almost like the average church member lacks deep convictions concerning who Jesus is, to the extent we cower under a raised eyebrow, or whispers that accuse us of being weird. I have told you before that I have had a costume closet in the past, a mask for different friends. Because I worry that they might think I am strange and in return they will not want to be around me. These times we are living in right now prove to me we are in a crisis. A crisis of courage and convictions. We can't become part of the crisis just so we blend in. We have to stand up for the truth that our faith is in Jesus Christ alone. We cannot blend in with the crowd. We have to be willing to live, and die for Him. This is going to take deep convictions and courage to live like this. Let's commit today together to not go by what feels good but on God's word.

Father, how I praise you today for showing us that you can give us the courage and the strength to stand out from the crowd. Help us Father to have priorities that are Christ-centered and not self-centered. We don't want the earthly treasures, they are only temporary happiness. We want joy that only comes from you Father. This world's pace is so fast Father, help us to make time for You. Help us take our eyes off of us and put them on you. We want to please you.

In Jesus' precious name. Amen.

Just remember that separation from the world requires courage, because the world is not going to like you for being different.

Throwing my costumes away,