Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Okay, I just have to share something that God did. God blessed me through 2 beautiful women that I work with. These women are truly a blessing from above, and even if sometimes it is hard for us to receive certain types of blessings, God will allow situations like this to occur to humble us and show us His love through other individuals.
I was in awe of what God did for me through these 2 people and all I could do was cry and say, "God, why? Why me? I am so nasty and selfish and filthy? Why would you let this be done to ME? To me Lord, Why?"
"Because I love you my child. Because I cherish you my daughter. Because you are my daughter and I want to bless you. Just Because...that's why."
I don't have to have an answer. I don't have to know the reason behind certain things, but I have to be open to receive, and this is a VERY, VERY hard thing to do for a lot of us, including myself.
But, whatever they do for me, they do also for the Father.
I want to just say Thank You. Thank You Janice and Kim. Your works will not go unnoticed. Do I know what to say? No, words cannot express how I am feeling on the inside right now as tears fall down my cheeks again, but thank you. Thank You. Thank YOU.
I don't deserve a thing, yet God gives me everything. Thank you God for your love and for speaking. Thank you for women who are open to listen to your voice and be obedient to it.
I pray that they will be blessed in turn and that you open up the storm gates of heaven and let blessings pour down. POUR DOWN BLESSINGS FROM ABOVE.
Thank you.