Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I only have a few more days before the big departure. I have been so blessed already by all that has been given and done for me. I have been blessed by friends and coworkers that have given things that only God would know I want or need. I have been blessed with a father and mother that have provided for me so that I have this opportunity that otherwise I may not have had. I have been blessed with inlaws that are willing to give up their time to come down and help with my "life" here so that I don't have to worry about all that goes on the week I am not here, plus they have collected so much for me to take with me to give to the children there. I have been blessed with a husband that supports me through all of our ministry decisions and gets excited to hear about new endeavors, and he is just plain AWESOME and I love him so much. I have been blessed with children that voice to me how important I am to them and how much they will miss me, but how excited they are for me to go and do God's work. I am blessed to have the support of a work environment that allows me to take time off without question and know that I have a job to come back to.
I am blessed with so much and so unworthy of any of it. I am blessed to even have the skills that God has gifted me with to be able to do something like this. I could have messed up so much over the years, in the beginning of my adult life, with some of the decisions that I made, but God snatched me out of a firey pit and set me on solid ground.
Thank you to everyone that has been there for me with prayers, thoughts, monetary gifts, time, supplies, and anything else that I may be missing.
You will all be blessed for what you have done for me. For what you have done for me, you have done for the Father.
Thank you.
Have I said that enough? I don't think so.
Thank you.
Thank you Jesus for your love and mercy and forgiveness and life.
Thank you thank you thank you.
I leave on Saturday morning very very early. I've heard that we may have internet availability at one of the places we are staying at so if I get a chance I will blog while I'm there, but if not...I will definitely fill you all in when I get back.