Monday, January 11, 2010

God has found three women who love him uncondtionally and who have found friendship in one another.
We started out trying to find more of him in any way possible....reading, praise, bible studies,etc. There came a time in our walk with the Father where He turned the pouring into around and began to use us as the vessel to pour out to others. This is how Yahweh Sisters Ministries began.
We are simply three women who have a heart to serve him. After leading a bible study we decided that we needed to do more. We do not have any training from a bible school, we do not claim to know everything, and in fact we do not know half of it. We have our struggles just as many of you do in everyday life. We have children, husbands, jobs, and lifestyles that pull us in all directions just as you may. But the burning desire to reach out and be used by the Father forms us into the Yahweh Sisters.
When we first started talking about what it was we could do, God took us to a scripture..."Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12
When a braid of hair is woven together it becomes very strong. When the braid is apart the strands are weak but when you weave them into one braid, it gains strength. The Yahweh Sisters are the same. We are from three different backgrounds, different denominations, and with different callings on our lives, but God has weaved us together to form a braid that is stronger when we are together. We work together, using our gifts to glorify the Father. Each one of us has a different burden, calling, and gift, but the Father has brought us together for a reason, and we pray that the Yahweh Sisters Ministries will come together for that reason. FOR HIM.
We are willing to go wherever the Father takes us. As we continue in the ministry, you will come to know each one of us personally. May God bless you as we go forward with the Father.