Friday, December 2, 2011


Laying on the word of God!!!!

     Waiting is not something that comes easy. Did you know that a Christian's life is supposed to be filled with waiting? In a world that is spinning out of control I sit in the dark this morning and I try it.....I wait!  I am longing to know Him more this season. I am wanting to teach the girls the fullness of the value and meaning of the mystery of Christmas!

It starts in the wee hours of the darkness.................that longing...........that nudge to "come away with me."  So I struggle...........but I step out of the warmness of the sheets into the cold dark floors and grab my bible and a pen. It's my heart that I want changed. "A transformation!"

It's today that I think about Mary and the struggles she had. She had to ride that donkey for days with a swollen belly that was carrying the KING OF KINGS! She recognized His presence in her. She BELIEVED!

We live in a world pregnant with HOPE!  Our waiting is not passive but a active waiting.
ADVENT = "the coming."
We celebrate the coming of the Christ child and what God has already done. But we live life waiting for His return. With the eyes of our hearts seeing, learning, and praying.
I  wonder is it dangerous to always live in comfort?
Jesus knew suffering and pain.
I reach out to those who are lying in a hospital bed dying............and I think; "Christmas is coming and people everywhere...............God's people will know suffering and pain."
Longing to know Him is not enough this season..................He is asking each of us to stretch ourselves a little more. Having a heart transplant is takes time to heal.  But the great Physician is working overtime................souls are at stake.

This season................. I am learning even when life doesn't make sense I am going to trust HIM!

 As I walk through the hospital and life seems so unfair with people dying alone...............children losing their parents.........parents losing a child and I realize it is because we live in a broken world.

 I ask myself why did he allow himself to die like that for all of us?  The answer is simple; because of  LOVE the one word that most of us can never truly comprehend. Our God who put on skin who was born and died all for us. Who chose to taste the pain of death and all it's ugliness. Just for us.
Beauty, love and pain surround us all this season.....all of them from Him. And through it all it's me that longs for those quite moments away from everyone to sit in His presence this season. Begging and pleading for me to die to self. Wanting  a transformation this advent season. Learning to slow the pace and wait.

Maranatha! ("Our Lord, Come!)

all of grace,