Monday, November 14, 2011

Ongoing Project

I remember a song- one that I sung when I was little.....
"He's still working on me- to make me what I ought to be
It took him just a week to make the moon and stars- the sun and the
earth and Jupiter and Mars.
how loving and patient he must be- 'cause he is still working on me".
Loving and Patient are two qualities I want.
I pray- before my feet hit the ground- "Father- change me- make me into someone you can use."

I listen to the boys upstairs- playing. No TV or Computers tonight. Just the three of them- trying to entertain themselves for a few hours. I hold my breath- 'cause it is a matter of time before the fighting and whining begins.
Please Father- help them see what you would have them see.

My boys are apart of the next generation. How can I help them? How can they make a difference in the world?
We watched- (you-tube) boys and girls from all over the world open "shoe boxes" filled with toys. I want to teach them compassion- a "want" inside of them- a want to help others.
This video is about kids helping kids.
What a great start - to teach your kids about compassion! -
It starts with a shoe box- a few gifts- a letter. Send it across the world to make
a small difference.
A small jester of kindness- a small example of compassion. I hope to spark an
interest- an interest for others.
They watch me- the boys do- they watch my actions and behaviors.
We went to McDonalds tonight- a quick fix for dinner.
I had a quiet nudge- to pay for the car behind me- something the radio station I listen too has been doing for a few years now. This was the first time- I didn't have "the note" that explains what and why. I just did.....
behind me was a police car
I paid for his dinner- he pulled up to my car and asked "WHY"....
Because- I said- I just wanted to thank you for your service.
My kids were so excited- My middle son- Josh
said- " Mom- that made me feel good inside". Me too- I said.
Hey boys- lets make a difference in someones life tomorrow- Kind deeds can be free. At school see how you can "make a difference" or show "kindness".
They all agreed and are excited for tomorrow's mission.
It just takes a minute- to show kindness.... and it sure feels good.
With a Thankful Heart...