Wednesday, August 10, 2011

" Jesus come into my heart"

"Jesus come into my heart"- a simple prayer, my 12 year old prayed last week at camp. It was the last full night- after a week long of "preparing" them for this alter call. My son started talking about camp- all the fun he had- and by the way mom- I asked Jesus into my heart. He went on to explain that he had asked Jesus into his heart one year ago, but he "had a feeling" that night, that he needed to reaffirm his commitment. I sat there speechless- and truly listened to him.  What was "the feeling" like?- explain it, if you can. He went on to explain to  me, that it was something inside of him, that made him feel like he had to go to the altar. A friend went with him, along with "half the camp" he said. The boy that went with him- cried- mainly because this was the first time that he had asked Jesus into his heart. Seeing this emotion- softened my son's heart, and he said that he wanted to cry, but held it back. But he expressed his excitement for his friend. The "feeling inside"- I knew immediately was the Holy Spirit working in my son. Oh, how easy it is asking Jesus into your heart- the true challenge comes later....  
I pray daily that I don't miss it. I pray that I help my boys " not miss it " either. I begin to "google" how to help a child after they ask Jesus into their life. As I searched and searched for the answers, he came up to the computer- to see what I was looking at. I read him the title of my search- " Is that for me" Are you looking this up because of me? He was so excited. I was speechless! " Yes, this is for you! I want you to know God- to know his mercy and grace!
So... What I found- Teach them about God- He is faithful- He is Almighty- He is all Knowing- He is Peace- He is Our Provider- He is our Healer- He is our Deliver.
Read the Bible
Have Devotions
Children need to know that they are a child of God. They are born sinners- but God is Holy- and those who are sinful cannot enter into his presence. God loves the sinner, though- Since he does love us- the sinner- he has made a way to bring us back into his presence.
Sometimes it is hard to think that my boys have a relationship with God. I know that I talk to him all day long, but they do too. Before they swing a bat- Before they take a test- Before they go to bed at night. Jesus is their everything too. But I also need to realize, that as I have trials and hardships- they will too. I need to be there for them- be strong- be an example. Let them see the Holy Spirit working through me.
I pray that God will minimize me- so that He will be glorified. I pray for others to see Jesus in me- especially my kids.
In His Service;