Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A God who still performs miracles

I grabbed my bible and notes to sit with God before the teen bible study started. I was sitting at the dining room table praying and felt this over-whelming urge to cook dinner for them right away. I quickly dismissed it thinking why would I cook at 2pm the girls don't arrive until 430 or 5pm. As I started praying again the nudging came even stronger than before. I remember standing up turning my  oven on thinking, "this is crazy....why am I cooking this early?"  But once the food was in the oven I felt peace.

 I could hear workers cutting down trees and it sounded like it was happening in my front yard.

 I finished up my lesson and realized that it was around 4pm and the teens would be arriving soon. As I stood up I heard a loud boom and my power was gone....It was 4:15pm.

I ran out side on my front porch and saw tree cutters and I felt anger and frustration start to rise inside of me........... thinking; "they must have cut my power by mystake!" Teens started pulling into my driveway left and right without me noticing because I am screaming and waving my arms like a crazy woman to the tree crew saying, "HEY, you cut my power!!!!!!" They ignored me and it was then that I started thinking, "Are they just dumb?"
I wasn't even wearing any shoes as I stormed off my porch and across the street I went screaming STOP you cut my power!!!!
     It was then one of them looked at me and shut his machine off and started walking towards me.
He said, " Can I help you?" I was very agitated by this point with all the noise... the power off the no air in the 100 degree heat......"Can you help me?" YES....YOU cut off my power and I have a teen bible study starting!!!! As soon as I said those words "BIBLE STUDY," I wished I hadn't. My behavior was not radiating Jesus. He said ma'am if you will walk over this way and look down the street you can clearly see that a tree (NOT RELATED TO ANYTHING WE ARE DOING FELL ON THE POWER BOX.) "The whole neighborhood is out!" I have never felt so small as at that moment. I held my head down and murmured, "I am so sorry." As I was walking back to my house feeling like I had yet again let my father down-thinking maybe this person needed to know Jesus and I just blew it! It is then that I hear, "ma'am...I think there is something I am supposed to tell you. I turn around and when I did-something drew me to his eyes- I felt like I was being pulled in-to his eyes. Like I was looking deep into the core of his soul and it was there that I saw him................"JESUS."
     This young man had holes up and down the sides of his ear lobes. He looked like he hadn't had a bath in weeks. His clothes were the torn kind with holes from the hard work. His face had not been shaved in days. It looked like maybe he had chosen a life that was not so "holy."
But when I looked into his eyes, deep into his eyes I saw something that took me to my knees.
I gasped- the tears that stung my face even before he could tell me what he had to tell me.
He said: I keep trying to ignore this feeling that I must share with you a story that recently happened to me........... You know all the storms that have been sweeping through the south and destroying peoples lives? I said yes......."Well a few of my friends and I figured since we are tree cutters that maybe we could help those who are less fortunate than us-(I said less fortunate than you?) So we gathered our tools and just started driving.
     I have never seen anythings so bad in my life! A few buddies of mine where helping with cleaning up this large area of trees etc and one of my buddies saw this blue cooler (now there were household items scattered everywhere; household items were blown for miles) but for some strange reason we opened it! It nearly scarred us to death because when we opened the cooler we had the surprise of our life---- there was a 3 year old little boy curled up inside the cooler-sleeping.....we thought he was dead. I fell back I was so scared he was dead and then out of no-where he popped up his little head with his dirty little face and started buddies were so relieved and couldn't believe what they had just seen.....A MIRACLE......we all started crying and screaming full of joy...........and my friend starting asking the little boy questions- "How did you get into this cooler?" The little boy started crying real hard and screamed......."THE MAN WITH THE WINGS PUT ME HERE........THE MAN WITH THE WINGS!!!!!!!"
By this time I was crying so hard that my husband was driving home from work and saw me standing with this strange guy crying he thought the guy had hurt me in some way and ran over to me. I couldn't even get the words out to tell him the story......  The young man had to tell my husband what he had just told me and we both stood there like we were standing in front of an empty tomb---Was I just listening to an ANGEL speak? I ran home terrified full of joy....wanting to share with the teens what had just happened!
     I don't know who this guy was but I can tell you there was something very HOLY about him. He who looked like he didn't have much........he who looked like life had not been the kind.......I had just stood there feeling like I had been at the feet of Jesus......something so tangible, so real.....something that I could hold on-to. I tried to choke back my joyful sobs as I told the teens.
     The beauty that spilled forth that day from the most unlikely source. That day I bent down low- cried out to the King.....whispering over and over again my thank you's for speaking to broken down me. Just like the woman at the tomb I stood there trembling....full of joy. Because who wouldn't tremble standing at the feet of Jesus? With just a glimpse- a glimpse of a God who still performs miracles even today!

Isn't it interesting that my food was done on time and I could feed my teens?

all of grace,
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