Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Peace...Be Still"

"Sometimes he calms the Storm"
Sometimes he calms the storm with a whispered, "Peace...Be Still".
He can settle any Sea- doesn't mean he will.
Sometimes he holds us close and lets the wind and waves go wild.
Sometimes he calms the storm, other times he calms his child.

The New Testament has three different interpretations of Jesus calming the storm.
Matthew 8 23-27
Mark 4 37-41
Luke 8 23-25
In Matthew-  the disciples cried, " Lord, Save Us"
Mark says- " Don't you Care?"
and Luke said, " We are going to drown!"
Jesus calmed the storm- after rebuking them for having such little faith. But this - increased their faith.
" Why are you so afraid"?, he asked the disciples. " There is nothing to fear!"
The disciples were amazed- Nothing is impossible when... You put your Trust in God!
Jesus first calmed their fears.. Then increased their faith, by calming the storm- thus protecting them.

The Sea of Galilee- really a lake- is north of the land of Israel. The only fresh water lake in the land. Great for fishing. Capernaum and Bethsaida- fishing towns. The Sea of Galilee is seven miles across and approximately 160 feet deep.
The surface of the lake is about 600 feet below sea level.
The lake- Sea of Galilee is in the famous " Rift Valley" a natural fault line that runs down the Jordan River Valley to the Dead Sea. In Fact all the way to Africa.
Mount Hermon is 9000 feet high, and the Dead Sea is 1250 feet below sea level. The valley drops sharply- hot air can come up suddenly and collide with the cool air from Mt. Hermon- causing sudden storms.

I have the same responses as the disciples when I experience storms in my life. " Jesus, Don't you care?"
I'm drowning here, Lord
Lord, Save Me!
A storm grew strong around me this past weekend. I couldn't explain why, just did- a sudden storm. I was caught off guard. At the time looked like a large one, but looking back now- it was really just a few rain drops. I felt- MEAN inside. I didn't like that feeling. Why am I acting this way. It was in the mist of the storm- Jesus tapped me on my " Hard Head" and said- Keep your eyes on me, not yourself OR your situation. And suddenly- the storm was gone.
Jesus can calm the storm- that quick
He will calm your fear
He will calm the storm
Have Faith
Keep your eyes on him!