Monday, July 18, 2011

God is Love

Come on over and join me at Faithful Devotions if you are looking for some God is love...moments.....little raindrops of grace falling down allowing us to feel
 His tenderness which indeed is inexpressibly sweet!
all of grace my dear friends,

thankful for;

lemonade stands in the heat
husband who plants the more flowers
the blood of Jesus
for the pastor who cries the hard
for girlfriends that feel your pain
God's grace
 my old church pew
prayer books from the saints before us
finding forks in the teen's bed
glitter all over the floor
sea-shell necklaces
rocking chairs and sweet tea
birds that chirp early in the morning during my prayer time
the work that is never done
craziness that life brings
for a Saviour who loves
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