Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Planting seeds

Sitting in the office- getting the much needed paperwork done- My manager was also sitting at her desk working- both looking at our computers as if to memorize what was on the screen. It was quiet in the room, except for the pounding of the keyboard- when she asked me about religion. Things are different in the south- she said. People have faith and God here. As I sat in my chair- I begged God for the right words to say. I listened to her voice as she told me that she wanted what they have. I was hoping that I was apart of the " they".
Do you realize how many people sit in their cars in the morning reading their bibles before work? I sat still - thinking- I knew I sometimes did that- grab a quick devotion, before starting by day. But enough people doing that- that she recognized it. I usually drive into the parking deck on two wheels- trying to beat the clock. But to think that someone would see this... and this to make a difference.
I started to speak- what would I say- What could I say.....Ive never thought of doing "life" without God. I'm closer to him now, always knew him- and knew where to turn when I needed him.But never the relationship I have now with him.  I explained to her that what she saw in others- that she wanted so desperately was a relationship with God.  A relationship you can depend on..... I always have him- when I am lonely and afraid. She told me in a desperate voice, that she wanted her kids to have that too- to have God- to have something else in life- something that they were missing.
I need to be prepared to- witness- I don't want to miss an opportunity to plant a seed of faith.
God meant for us to be witnesses of Jesus Christ through the natural outcome of "living for him". We make it complicated..... People can spot a "phony" Christan! One of the best ways to share your faith is to demonstrate a positive attitude- especially in a crisis. When others around you see a peace in you that cannot be explained-  they want what you have. One thing that everyone longs for is..... Peace.
Another way to share your faith is to treat people with respect and dignity- no matter what the circumstances. Find ways to bless others- this not only plants amazing seeds for a harvest in you, but in others. By doing this, you show others that you live what you believe.
Finally- The most important way to " plant seeds" is to be quick to forgive. Forgiving quickly is a powerful way to show how Christianity really works.
God doesn't need us to build his kingdom, but he wants to use us. He wants that relationship with us. We must walk the walk and talk the talk. Others are watching us, even when we do not realize it.
In his service