Wednesday, May 25, 2011

moving things around...

A few weeks ago as I was cleaning I found myself wanting to move things around in our office.  I've always felt that it was too crowded and as the years have passed it has become the place for everything...the computer, my sewing stuff, school supplies, book shelf, a couch, pictures (not in frames), even bills and old computer monitors and scrapbook stuff.  It catches everything that has no other home.
BUT, my daughter started taking guitar lessons and I needed somewhere for them to get away to so they could focus and not be distracted.  So, I went into the office, started cleaning, cleaning led to rearranging, and rearranging led to movement.  Before I knew it I had moved a deacons bench (that had no home in my house yet and was just stuck somewhere in a corner in my living room) into the office, I had moved the couch off of one of the walls and onto another, I had moved all of the school supplies and a lot of my sewing into the deacons bench and I had moved the table that I sew on onto another wall.  I moved the rug around and then cleaned it all.  I moved the lamps and the light that comes on with the switch and just did an entire makeover of the room.  When I stood back, it was such a change and I loved it. 
I find myself in this room a lot. I like to turn on my praise music and just sit on the floor or the couch and pray and spend time with God.
See, I need a retreat place.  I am not one that likes to be out in the middle of the living room overwhelmed with the space of it all.  I like to be in a room, with comforts like a couch and small lamp and things that I have created lying around, and I like to get down on the floor and find God there. It is my sanctuary.  I find peace in that room.  I find comfort in that room.  I find answers to life's questions in that room.  I find God in that room.  Don't get me wrong...God is everywhere in my home and I work hard to make my entire home a welcoming environment for the Holy Spirit to reign.  But, that room is my special place. 
We all need a special place that we can retire to, somewhere that is familiar to our spirit.  Some people lock themselves in closets to get away and rest in His presence....I've done that too. 
I challenge you to find a place in your home that you can make your sanctuary.  Put your bible there with your journal and a pen.  You may even want to put a candle or nice lamp in there. 
And then, spend time there getting to know the Father, spending time praying and worshiping Him.  You will begin to feel a peace as you walk into that area and you will know that it is the place where you have spent time with God in. 
It will bring you comfort and you can run to it when you are hurt and lonely.  He will meet you there. 
I have found peace in so many places over the years as we have moved from home to home, and there has always been one place that stands out in each of our homes...where is that place for you? 
Rest there...