Monday, April 9, 2012

God's hands and feet

 Oh God let our praises be from our hands as we clothe the naked and use our arms to bring comfort to those who are sick

"We become like the things that we love..."

What is a sacrifice to God?
.............a broken spirit.
I have seen the broken.......I have held the hands of the dying.........I have listened as a husband cried that cry that only comes from losing your soul-mate, I have even held dying children!
I have seen the broken BUT have I been the broken?

     As the world keeps turning and the people keep is the me who questions the most high? As Ann Voskamp says; "Practical Atheism?"  She brilliantly said it all with those two words.
Where are our praises?  Do we only reach out our hands only when it's the taking?  We the takers?  We continue to look through the eyes of reason........instead of seeing through the eyes of our Saviour who is the intimate with, "grief."
Romans 8:17;
and if children, then heirs- heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, provided we SUFFER with HIM in order that we may be glorified with him. (our sufferings here in the present are insignificant in comparison with the glory that is to be revealed to us!)Romans 8:18.
     If we are the called to give thanks in everything........then why are we selective?
When the emptiness does sing where is our gratitude?

I run to my friends when I am hurt, sad or defeated.  I talk and talk and talk about needing revivaltransformation........a circumcised heart! But have I ever told God?
     Maybe it's the me with my me-ism self that has worked for immediate gratification of earthly rewards rather than waiting for the greatest reward God is keeping for me in heaven?
After church on Sunday I had a revelation....(a life lesson.)  It redefined who I am.  A servant!!!!
  So I will continue to kneel by the beds of the dying..............whispering...........His name.....the only name that matters- "JESUS.........JESUS." And when I look into the eyes of my patients......I will look to see HIS face!  I will quietly whisper praises of thanksgiving knowing in His timing we will see an end to the suffering as we know it and meet Him on the other side of  "glory."
Although the world will keep spinning......and people will keep suffering.... remembering to thank Him in the mist of our pain, or broken-ness proclaims who He is!
     For He who was created for Sin but was sinless.....out of suffering comes Grace!
For He who is the much more should we know the WORD first!!!!! The WORD with nail scarred hands.......The WORD who breathed life into the written word.

all of  grace,

a quiet I try and conquer 14 loads of laundry from our travels. Thank you for grace.

for the gifts that keep on coming:
For He who is our peace
For He who is our strength
For He who is our comfort
For the blood of Jesus
For a God who speaks
For a sermon that was handwritten for me
Seeing the living waters flow out of my pastor
Sensing the Holy Spirit in a stranger
Seeking His face
For the ever present God" target="_blank">" >