Monday, May 23, 2011

A Gift

As I walked into the Christain bookstore- I looked at the large sign in the window- Store Closing 20% off.  I had known the store was closing from an email Robbie had sent me. This small Christain bookstore had been in business at least 30 years. Closing because of a struggling economy- A very sad email led me to that store that afternoon.  I only had one of my boys with me that night- so I felt as if I could " look around".  The two of us looked around quickly showing each other this and that.  Not really looking for anything in particular, I remembered Robbie's book- " 1000 Gifts". A book that she will not even let out of her sight, much less let me hold or borrow  it. As I eagerly begin looking for that book, I laughed  to myself at her comments- You are not borrowing my book- it is a treasure- !!!!!!  I couldn't find it, so I went to the lady behind the register and asked her if she would look it up for me. As she looked ,she begin to tell me that her pray partner LOVED that book, and that it had truly blessed her. That made me smile, that someone else liked the book too. Robbie loves all books, and calls all of her books treasures- with that said, I was glad that I was going to soon have my own copy. At first the lady said that they did not have a copy, but they could order one from the warehouse- that several had already been ordered and were on their way. Oh..... wait- she said- I show here that we have one copy in the store. I followed her as she walked briskly through the store. There it was- at the bottom of the shelf, as I reached for it, she grabbed it- Let me look at it real quick. She flipped through the pages, as if to read the whole book it a minute. " I want a copy of this book so bad. I have heard such good things about this book". - Then the but..... came. " But since the store is closing, we have to move. The move is so expensive, and I cant justify spending money on a book right now. I'll pray about it, oh but I would love to have one. Well- right away I knew what I had to do!  I walked behind her to the register- Can you ring this one up and order one more- please. I will pick it up next week. As I paid for the books, I felt.... good- ! A good feeling, one that I was glad that my son would witness. She pushed the bag towards me, carrying that  precious book. I pushed it back and said, " This is a gift for you. I know that you will be blessed. I will pick  mine up next week". All she said to me was that she was going to cry.. I told her not too, that I wanted to give this gift to her. I walked out of the store, wishing I would have said more. I should have hugged her, I should have wished her safety with her move. I wish... I wish... WOW- it is quick how Satan can corrupt our mind and make us always feel inadequate! Those thoughts quickly passed, as my son said- " Mom, that was a really nice thing to did for that lady".
Thank you Lord- for allowing me to give this small gift in your name.