Thursday, April 14, 2011

We are the free......

Breath in the prayers............exhale the grace of mercy.

 When your heart beats the name of Jesus you forget about yourself. 

Let the dead in Christ teach us how to live.....

What is your rhythm in this life?   We are lacking an overwhelming need for God. We have become comfortable with God.

We are the free.  Free to have the good book, so why is the greatest sin in the church it that
we the free are living in bondage?
We need prayer the grieving kind where God knows our heart where we lay it down for Him.
Prayer is for us to get beyond our obsession with the muchness and the manyness.  In a world that is broken how can the world change if we don't surrender to our knees?
Prayer can and does affect things around the world.  This world is being shaken  hard,  even the breath is the breathing in of pain.   The world keeps turning and the world keeps aching.
We have become comfortable with God.  Because we are the free.  Life is not one big party,  it is warfare.  We are supposed to fight the good fight.  We need the surrendering, the kind of surrendering on our knees so the Kingdom of God can manifest itself.  (Thy kingdom come thy will be done)
conversatio morum = means death to self; and change,  the positive kind.......where the conversion of the heart takes place so that the heart does pump......pump us pure full of Grace.  The full of Grace where you lose yourself.  The laying aside of the earthly treasures.  The kind of prayers that drive you to your knees. The ones that scream out...."more please," "more of you God."     The rhythm,  the rhythm of our breath becomes our  prayers and as we exhale, we exhale the Grace of Mercy.  This rhythm brings us to a fork in the road.  One where you can fall in love, fall madly in love with God and let yourself go,  or one where you can travel down that path that leads to self..... self that desires the earthly pleasures. The path that fills you with your desires of the feel good.  Which will it be?  What will God find when he returns? One who is luke warm? Or one that is in love? Or God forgive us one who is COLD?
It is not of good works, lest any man should boast.
True whole prayer is nothing but love....St. Augustine

all of grace,