Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The POWER of his Name

 We stood at his bedside as he was dying.
An old man with an old body. He lay there very still and somewhat peaceful. We knew of his life and of the poor choices that he had made. But this was the end. His family was on the way, but right now we - the  hospital staff- was all he had. His heart beat was slowing- 40- 35-30-20. He was dying. We stood at his bedside- two nurses and one doctor. We held his hand and prayed silently that he would hang on for just a few more minutes. I glanced up at his monitor and saw his heart rate slow to nothing. The nurse standing with me starting praying out loud- In Jesus name- please bring him back for just a little while- to let him see his family one last time. Please Father- we ask this in Jesus name. Suddenly- not slowly, but suddenly his heart starting beating and his heart rate- then was 0- now was 100ish. He opened his eyes and looked right at us. I have faith that with God all things are possible, but I was shocked. We then thanked God. The doctor standing at the bedside is a believer and the three of us just stood there. His family arrived soon after this miracle. To our surprise his brother was a pastor and prayed with his brother- the patient. He was able to carry a conversation with his family and most important- ask God's forgiveness and asked Jesus into his heart. He died shortly after he asked Jesus into his heart. I know that today he is with Jesus. I am thankful today to be apart of that miracle- one that we still talk about today.