Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Create in me a new heart

The men in my life........

My husband and me in Greece...........

Matthew 5:16 " In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see good works. And give glory to the father in heaven."

Let your light shine before others.Jesus is our light. At work it is easier to let others see Jesus in me, in my actions and words. But by the end of the day I'm done. I am tired of smiling and "being nice". The light in me goes out the minute I walk through my front door. My husband, the kids, the NEW puppy, the 19 year old cat- that I think someone switched mine for a younger one, cause this cat is too active to be soooo old., the fish, the house, etc I even pray before I get out of my car for God to create in me a new heart- a calm heart. But as soon as I see the mess in the house and all the screaming I crack. With that comes my screaming- so God help me, but when he says for my light to shine before others, I don't think he took my family into account.  Ha ha.( I'm stretching the truth a bit).   I had a revelation today as I begin picking up dog poop in my backyard. Our puppy is 3 months old and weighs 21lbs. Dodger was outside with me today as I begin my task. He has a lot of energy and every time I put what I had collected in a bag, he would bite the bag- well after many bites, he tore a hole in the bag. Let your imagination give you a visual of the situation. He would also grab the paper towels I was using. As I hurried, Dodger grabbed the paper towel from my hand and long story short I ended up with dog poop all over my hand. I laughed, because even when I think that I cant take it any longer I realize that I don't have it that bad.
     It is amazing that we allow Satan to confuse us and make us feel like we are at our breaking point. So to let my little light shine, I need to first ask God to reveal the truth about me, then repent and confess my sins and faults. And most important to read scripture and pray. As I have said before, getting through this life takes minute by minute praying and asking God for strength. When Jesus lives in our heart we act different because we are different. Lets be different today. And one more thing- when you clean up dog poop remember to leave the dog in the house.(lol)