Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tiberas/ Children's Home.......Israel

We were on a very tight schedule the whole 10 days in Israel. The hotels would want us back around 7pm for dinner. We were running late on this day and almost did not have time to stop. Also the kids at this Children's center go home at night. They were so excited to see us they waited late, knowing they would have to walk home in the dark and alone. The building in the first picture was one of many around the children's center. This area is very poor. As we walked through this neighborhood, I prayed for each person living here- for their safety and hope. And mostly that they would see Jesus through us and other Christians that visit the center. As we walked up the sidewalk to the center, we heard chanting. Once we were close enough to see the children, we could hear what they were saying. They were saying Tesha, Tesha, Tesha. The children surrounded Tesha, our guide, and loved all over her. Our group then walked into the building.  The center was simple, but full of love. Each room was filled with art work on the walls. Obviously efforts of love. The children were so excited to see us. Oh course Robbie and I were fighting back the tears. While there we heard some very sad stories. I know there are children's home all over the world, poor and needy children, but for some reason I was drawn to these kids. They performed for us- sang and danced. They lit the candles on the Menorah and involved us in the ceremony. At the end of our visit, we handed out gifts- simple ones. I did not hear one time- that she got more, or its not fair. The children's center experience was a breath of fresh air, and caused a need to help others to stir up inside of me and others in our group. It was hard leaving them. The kids were so happy that we were there, they were full of the moment, not even thinking about the future, or problems that tomorrow would bring- the innocence of a child. Most of the children do not have dads. I could see excitement in the boy's eyes when they were interacting with the men in our group. Several of the boys gave paper gifts they had made to the men. I'm sure they will cherish these gifts forever. Please take a few minutes after you read this, to pray for those children, and children everywhere- especially ones that do without. That are hurting, sad, or hungry. I pray that God will protect them and give them extra protection and comfort.