Friday, November 12, 2010

When will Jesus return?

  • I took a picture of this painting in The Vatican City; Actually in St. Peter's Cathedral.  When Jesus left this earth, Moses and Elijah met him in the air. Wow, could you imagine being there? Knowing Robbie and I, we would have tried to take a ride on Jesus' robe- crying, " Your not leaving without me!!!" Kinda funny, but I think that the disciples thought that Jesus would..... be right back. Before Jesus left his disciples, he told them that he had to leave- to prepare a place for them in heaven. And that he'd return soon. Every since that day Christians have been waiting. What are you doing while you wait? Are you storing up treasures in heaven? Or are you moaning and groaning about how hard this life is? This life is hard, but everything that we go through is preparing us for God's purpose.
  • I have a question for you..... If you knew the exact day, exact hour, and the exact minute that Gabriel would blow his trumpet and Jesus would meet us in the air, what would you being doing different? I am a fly by the seat of my pants girl. I am usually late, and out of breath when I get there. But if I knew that Jesus was calling his children home next Tuesday at 1059 pm, would I be ready, all  my ducks in order waiting for  him, or would I wait til next Tuesday at 1055 to get on my knees and beg for mercy? In his word, Jesus assures us that he will return for us. But to be ready, cause we do not know the day or hour. We are suppose to use our time on earth living for Jesus, living like Jesus, and planting seeds for Jesus. Start today. Time is running out. Live everyday like Jesus is returning that day. I know that you'll be ready and others will see Jesus in you and want what you have.
  • Get ready Jesus is coming soon!!!!!!!
  • Amy