Thursday, October 21, 2010


Wow I can't believe that the week is almost over. My husband is out of town tonight and the girls are upstairs getting ready for bed. Amy flew to Rome this week; yes Rome.. And Jen well who knows where she just kidding. She is in graduate school. So it is me who gets to blog...
I wanted to tell you about my church pew.. It has always been a dream for me to have one. I know I am a I found one in an antique store in Matthews, NC. It came from a church in Asheville, NC. It is over a 100 years old. ??? That's what the man said anyway..
My middle daughter Gracie made me laugh because she said; "mom you can't put pillows on a church pew, it is Holy!" Then she proceeded to tell me that I am weird.... lol
Life is crazy lately and I think I am the main one who is making it crazier... I thought I would share some of what I have been learning in my bible study. It is about Father Abraham... I feel like the last few weeks that I have become his friend or something. I feel like we hang out in the wee hours of the morning. I have to admit it hasn't been fun on my part, because God is burning a few of my layers off again....I feel like I am always in the fire? Anybody else?
God called Abraham and by Faith Abraham went. The bible teaches us that man has always been saved by faith.....Thinking about this today, I wondered where was Abraham when he was called and what was he doing? Was he cleaning the house constantly? Buying groceries? Working the farm? etc. We know that he didn't have any kids yet? So what was he doing?
Abraham was called to leave his people, his country and his father's household and go to a land that he did not know, one that God had chose for him. Clearly Abraham was being called to leave his old life behind and to enter in to a completely different life; one that God had planned for him. What stood out to me the most while studying was: out of God's amazing Grace He is still issuing that same call to us.
When Abraham was called into a new life, the world around him continued on its own path, living a life apart from God. People were disobeying God and trying to build towers up to heaven so they could make a name for themselves.
It is interesting to me how much the old testament mirrors our world today. People wanted what felt good at that moment and today we want what feels good all the time. Man continues to fail by not following God and obeying him. Today in 2010, we still turn to our own efforts, and want things on our own terms.
We think; " If I can achieve enough, acquire enough, accomplish enough I can make my name great! This is the heart of Idolatry!!!
Scripture tells us that Abraham lived in a city called UR. Abraham and his family were moon worshipers. WOW......
Abraham did not know God and he did nothing special to deserve God's call. But God graciously called him and chose him. Just as God does for each one of us. It is His Grace that calls us to himself....
Abraham was called. We are called. There is nothing that we can do to earn it. It is by HIS GRACE.... HIS GRACE CALLS.... He even seeks those who do not seek him...That is amazing to me that He seeks those who do not seek him...
Abraham and his family participated in idol worship. We participate in idol worship. God in His love and His Grace continues to offer us a new beginning over and over again. When God spoke to Abraham, His purpose was to offer him a new beginning and that is His purpose when He speaks to us. Abraham was the first Jew and through His blood line God ordained the Messiah!!! Isn't that amazing? Abraham was a moon worshipper and God called him to be the father of many nations.
We need to believe, "We are who God says we are."
Everything we are studying in the old testament shows the Israelites were chosen by God for a purpose. This is huge; everything the (Israelites) went through is a foreshadowing for us the "CHURCH." Wow.....
God called Abraham to leave a place and everything he new behind. Don't miss this; He didn't call him to just leave a place.... He called him to leave a life of idolatry...and go to a new land that He would show him. A place prepared by God, where he would receive a promise by God. Where he would fulfill his purpose ordained by God.
God is calling each one of us for the very same thing. Ask yourself this question.
By Faith are you willing to go?
Even if you do not know where you are going?
Are you willing trust the true and living God to take you to a place of blessings and eternal inheritance?
That is His promise. God called Abraham out of what was comfortable, familiar, away from everything that he had grown up with all his life. God called Abraham because he knew that He had to separate him from the idols. It was a road block for Abraham and it is a road block for you and me.
What are your idols that are keeping you from moving forward with God and receiving all that He has to give?
God saw the danger of idols in Abraham's life. He sees the same danger for you and me. We may not be moon worshippers but our idols are in our heart. And our idols keep us from what God has for us.
The idols in our hearts are no better than being a moon worshipper...
Would you be willing to ask God what are the idols in your heart? What would God see when He looks into your heart?
Asking God to help me get rid of the idols in my heart>>>>