Thursday, September 23, 2010

When I got up today, I knew that it was going to be a busy day! I had just worked 38 hours in three days, and getting home last night at 1am i had already began to dread getting up early that morning to help my husband get our three boys ready for school. So in robot mode that morning I started my day. I knew that we were refinancing our house today, but I didn't know the "bank Lady" was coming to our house with the paper work. Great ,I thought as my husband told me the news. I had worked the last three days, and any working mom knows that when moms away our sweet gifts from God destroys our house. And to add to that, one of my friends called to say that she was stopping by to pick up some clothes that my boys had out grown. Ok, I going to quickly get organized. I grabbed the windex and started with the front door. I also closed the garage so that no one would attempt to get through that mess to walk into the house. My precious husband had let me go back to bed that morning while he took the kids to school, so to my surprise he started carrying in bags and boxes. OH NO! he had been shopping. Robbie and I joke that my husband would have made a great women, cause he likes to spend money. So he comes new pots and pans, new vacuum cleaner, new garbage can. etc. And then I stood there with my mouth open wide as he started taking EVERY thing out of our cabinets. What are you doing? I asked. He then explained to me that today we were cleaning out our cabinets and throwing out our old pots,etc. He then laughed as he said that he was hoping that new pots and pans would inspire me to start cooking again. I could have cried. So I hurried with my windex and cleaned the front door, then headed to the bathroom. As I windexed away hand prints from my bathroom mirror I felt the Holy Spirit speak..... Amy, this looks like your life. When you have to clean your heart, mind, and/or actions, you Windex the surface and hide the clutter in drawers and cabinets. So if no one opens the drawers of your heart you are fine, but if they do ;they may not like what they see. Wow that hurt. I walked into the kitchen and saw a ton of stuff laying on the kitchen floor and thought about how we hate to clean up, and especially DEEP clean, but after we do, we feel relieved! So needless to say that everyone that came over that morning saw a mess, but inside the cabinets were clean. Nothing hidden. This morning, we got rid of junk, started new. Now tomorrow we will clean another room. God doesn't expect us to be perfect, in fact All have sinned and fall short from his glory. But when others see when our mess is cleaned up, they are inspired to clean their mess up.
Father, thank you for your patience and your mercy. Continue to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us every minute of everyday.