Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spirit of Heaviness...................

Have you ever felt like your spirit is overwhelmed? The challenges to great? The burdens so heavy? The attacks so fierce?

That is how I have felt this week. I have cried so much this week that I feel like I have tear stains on my face. I am confused and discouraged! Life is simply just not fair!!! Sometimes life can be so hard on us. To be honest, I haven't even felt like praying. I FEEL like Satan has asked to sift me as wheat.

Think about how much we love our kids with all our hearts and when they hurt, their pain becomes our pain. As a mother of three girls, ages 15, 13, and 10. There is always drama; their tears are my tears!
God is our heavenly father, and he so identifies with us his children (he became human and experienced everything that we do) our tears are his tears! God not only LOVES us; He identifies with us!
When we hit a bump in the road in this life with things that make us question God with the; If only God would;---- if only He had---------; If only He had answered my prayers the way I asked him to.---
Sometimes when God is silent in your life is when He is doing His best work. Maybe the adversity in our life is being used to make us strong! We have to learn to endure!!! We have to endure in this life to the point that we choose to praise Him, regardless of the storms within us or around us. If you look in your bibles David understood the secret to victory over adversity by choosing to PRAISE God! Jeremiah knew as did Paul and many others. We must CHOOSE to praise Him! If you don't remember anything about this post remember this: "Learn to walk by faith, not by what your FEELING!!! We have to make a choice! A conscious choice, no matter how bad your world comes crashing down to PRAISE Him!!! Rejoice!! Happiness is circumstantial. Joy cometh from the Lord!!! This is your gold nugget for today. PRAISE HIM!! This is the secret of victory that Paul, King David, and Jeremiah knew: PRAISE Him! Praise is the switch that turns on your light of joy in our lives even when our world is falling apart. Praise keeps Satan from having a foot hole in your life. Here is the meat of this message: When your world is falling apart and you Praise Him even in your darkest moments, the results of Praising Him will cause others to see the Glory of God in our lives!! Amen!

Look at the verse in John 11: 35; Jesus wept.. Jesus often expressed deep emotion, which shows me to never be afraid to reveal my true feelings to him. He understands! Praise God!
Jesus the Creator of the universe, the I AM, had real tears running down his face over Lazarus's death. Even though he knew he was going to raise him from the dead He still wept! Why? Because He loved them (Mary, Martha, and Lazarus) and their tears of grief were on his face! And he loves us and our tears of grief are on his face. If you ever had to bury a loved one; or hear the diagnosis of cancer from a doctor; or lost your job; experienced the pain of spouse betrayal, discovered your daughter has lost her innocence. Our TEARS are on His face!!!!
If you ever think that Jesus just doesn't care what your going through, and He doesn't love you because if He did He wouldn't have let you go through this. Those thoughts are from Satan himself. Those are the thoughts the enemy puts in your head and if your not careful those thoughts will take root in your head and those thoughts will choke out the truth; which the truth is God Loves you, your grief is His, your shock is His, your pain is His.

I cry out to you Abba Father! Thank you so much for being a father with emotions. You have so much compassion on your people. Our sorrows are your sorrows. You have experienced them. Our tears are on your face. Thank you , Jesus.

Tears of relief,