Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sometimes it sprinkles outside and we still are able to get out there and get our errands ran or mess around in the yard because it kinda feels good to have the raindrops hit our head every now and then. We are able to continue on with what we have planned when it's just sprinkling outside.
Then there are times when it is raining pretty hard and we look at it and decide to still run to the mall and take our biggest umbrella to shield us from the rain. There is no chance of running around without some type of shield from the rain that is coming down in these circumstances.
And then there is the full fledged storm where the rain is so bad that you can barely see in front of your own face, the trees are swaying in the back yard, and the thunder and lightning are constant. You decide to definitely stay inside, curl up on the couch, and watch your favorite show or read your favorite book until the storm is over. Everything is called off when it is storming. You can't even bake a cake when it is storming outside.
Well, sometimes we need to get off of the couch, turn off the TV, grab our best rain coat, put on our boots and walk out in the storm ready to see the rainbow that follows.
With every shower there is more growth in the ground. With every raindrop there is a flower that shouts "thank you".
We often run from the storms that sometimes we should get out and play in. Remember when we were kids and we begged our parents to go outside and play in the rain? Well, maybe as adults it is time to get out in the storm and play some. The storms will always come. Some are worse than others. Some have thunder and lightning and we have to be a little more cautious when we go out in them, but if it is just a bad rain storm, then mount up with your best rain suit (the armor of God) and get out there ready to get drinched in the rain but more ready to see the growth to follow after the storm.
The rainbow is here as a promise that God will never flood the earth again. There may come storms that knock us down as we continue to try and walk, but we will never be flooded to the point where we can't get back up and dredge through the water to dry land.
Growth comes from the rain. It may not be easy to walk through it. It may mean you have to look ridiculous as you "suit up" with the rain coat, umbrella, waterboots, etc. But if we are willing to stand through the rain, holding onto God's promise of no flood, and represent Him as we get a little rain on our hat, there will come sunshine and growth from it. A flower will come out of the soil that was just watered and maybe even some fruit will fall from the tree.
Don't be afraid of the storms even when they knock us down a bit. We may have to crawl through the storms sometimes because sometimes that is the only way to get through them.
Today it may be sunny, but we never know when the rain is going to come. Be strong in the storms that come in life. Put on your raingear and stand in the storm...the growth that comes from it will be beautiful.