Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I read Robbie's post and it reminded me of the fragrance that comes from myrrh. I think I have shared this in a previous post but I wanted to remind us what I had read about it. Myrrh is not pretty to look at. It is not even a good smelling bush when you walk by it...BUT if you take it and crush it, it lets off the most beautiful smell. If you take it and grind it up, crush it down to nothing, then the fragrance that comes off of it is breathtaking.
Let's be crushed down today and let our beautiful fragrance flow from us. Let's allow God to come and grind us down, tear us apart, rub us between His fingers and then see what we can smell like.
Ladies, we need to get to a place of worship with the Father. Read the previous post. Really study what it says. Let's get back to the Heart of Worship with the Father in the next few weeks. Let's reunite that closeness that may have died off, that we may have lost over the past year or the past months. Let's fall inlove with the Father and truly experience His greatness and closeness and His love and His mercy. If you don't feel like it, do it anyway. Turn on praise music and see what happens as you clean the house today. Get into a routine of worship as you work, as you drive. Spend some time with God.
He will let off a fragrance in you that makes others draw close to you and wonder what it is that smells so good. Isn't that what we are here for? To shine for Him?

Let's do that.
I love you girls.